5 Signs that suggest your hair needs a protein treatment

Having protein-packed strands is an amazing way to maintain your overall hair health and keep it in the best possible shape. 

Protein treatment is a good way to achieve this. It is also good for those who have been planning on coloring. Here are the signs which indicate that you might be requiring protein treatment.

  • If your hair has lost its elasticity: It’s typically a sign that you need a protein treatment. You can boost its elasticity through protein boost.
  • Your hair is stringy or limp: By adding protein pack into your hair, you can revitalize your strands and get them to a healthier state.    
  • Your hair feels gummy: If it happens, it is better to turn to your stylist for a protein treatment. It can reconstruct your hair, and give life back to your strands.
  • If you’ve recently colored your hair: The bonds of the hair can break causing split ends and damage to the hair. And ask your stylist for a protein treatment before the color application.
  • If your hair has high porosity: Hair often has tears and gaps in the strands that makes your hair more damaged. And the treatment works by nourishing the hair with vital protein that helps seal those gaps. 

Protein treatment boosts the hair with a variety of nutrients and proteins to help reconstruct and strengthen hair strands.

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