What are the bad hair habits you should break?

We all are striving for strong and healthy hair. Many of us have bad hair habits and don’t even realize it. Some of our daily habits can be extremely damaging to hair. Let’s find them out and try to break it before they damage our hair completely. 

Here are 5 bad hair habits you should break.

  • Scrubbing hair with a towel: Your hair is wet and fragile after bathing. So scrubbing your hair with a towel causes hair damage and breakage. Instead, press gently to absorb any water. 
  • Brushing hair while wet: As mentioned earlier, your hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet. Only brush your hair only after it is super wet. That too using a wide-tooth comb.
  • Using Too Much Heat: Excessive heat styling can lead to hair damage. Try air drying your hair for a pretty textured look.
  • Tight Hairstyles: Tight hairstyles can eventually pull your edges out. Wearing ponytails every single day can cause hair breakage. So give hair a break by opting for low hairstyles. Go easy on yourself.
  • Touching hair too often: Our hands are not always clean. They constantly touch everything around us. Then we take them and rub all of those germs in our hair that already has oils and creams in it. Sometimes this can even lead to frizziness.

Along with breaking the bad habits, It’s also important to have a proper eating pattern to earn healthy hair.

5 Benefits Of Potato Juice For Hair Growth

Potato juice helps activate your hair scalp cells, which in turn, encourages hair growth. It can help in cleansing the scalp by absorbing sebum and sweat. Also, it is rich in starch content, which will get rid of the excess oil in your hair. Here are the benefits you should know:

  • Fast Hair Growth: Potato juice and peel contain zinc, niacin, and iron that help in the fast growth of hair by nourish and nurturing the hair follicles. 
  • Remove Dandruff: Potatoes are acidic in nature and hence help in keeping dandruff at bay. Potato juice for hair can be beneficial for the scalp as well.
  • Keeps The Scalp Clean: The usage of potato juice on hair can cleanse the scalp and unclog the hair follicles which also deals with problems like dandruff and hair fall.
  • Natural Conditioner: Potato acts as a natural conditioner by adding shine and luster to the hair. Using potato juice for hair softening is an ancient ritual in many civilizations.
  • Stimulating Blood Circulation: Juice of potato for hair when massaged gently on the scalp stimulates blood circulation, getting rid of the impurities from hair follicles. 

Potato juice exhibits antioxidant activity. This may keep the scalp free of infections and dandruff. Potato unclogs hair follicles, keeping the scalp clean. Using potato juice may add shine and luster to your hair by closing the cuticles. 

Castor Oil For Hair Growth: Benefits You Should Know

Castor oil is known to moisturize the scalp, ease dandruff, and leave your hair smooth and shiny.

When applied to the scalp, it’s purported to enhance the health of the hair follicles and, in turn, promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. Below are some facts you should know. 

  • Promotes Hair Growth: Castor oil is said to be one of the best hair oils for hair growth. It helps to stimulate hair growth and reduce dandruff.
  • Improves Blood Circulation: It helps to increase blood circulation to the scalp and increase the hair’s thickness and density.
  • Reduce Dandruff: It has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. These can help cleans the scalp and protect it from infections.
  • Helps To Moisturize: Castor oil can also help moisturize the hair and condition it. It helps to increase the luster of hair.
  • Reduce Hair Damage: It also has antioxidant properties. Hence, it can help to reduce hair damage and hair fall caused by free radicals.
  • Prevents Early Aging: Castor oil makes hair darker and prevents early aging of hair like premature graying.

Apart from these, castor oil contains omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids can help improve overall hair health and hair texture. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties make it beneficial against folliculitis, dandruff, and scalp infections and its ricinoleic acid content help increase circulation to the scalp and improve hair growth.

Is It Possible To Prevent Hair Loss Through Beetroot Juice? Find Out

Beetroot has loads of calcium, Vitamin B, and C, protein, and phosphorous which help in the growth of healthy hair. These nutrients stimulate your hair follicles which in turn boosts hair growth. By tightening the pores in your scalp, potassium in beetroot prevents your hair from falling as well. Below are some benefits of using Beetroot for your hair.

  • Better blood circulation: The carotenoids in beetroot promote better blood circulation in your scalp and nourish your hair follicles from the inside.
  • Improves hair health: Beetroot reduces your stress levels and increase the health of your hair. By taking beetroot, you increase the iron levels in your blood that is also needed to take care of your hair.
  • Prevents baldness and hair loss: The iron and electrolytes found in beetroot repairs damaged hair and reduces hair breakage.
  • Prevents dandruff: Beetroot removes dead skin cells from your scalp and any excess oil protecting your scalp from getting dandruff thus promoting the growth of healthy hair. Beetroot also prevents dandruff and gives your hair shine.
  • Reduce scalp itchiness: If you have an itching scalp and your hair is weak, you can apply beetroot to remove the dead cells and prevent itching.

Beetroot increases the flow of blood to your body and scalp which helps your hair to become healthy, strong, and bouncy. Vitamin A, proteins, and calcium are nutrients found in beetroot that ensure your hair grows strong. 

3 Hair Care Tips You Can Try at Home

Achieving your hair goals is something that will require a bit of effort. But at the same time, it can be quite satisfying as well.

Here are some of the hair care tips to help you keep your hair healthy, nourished and looking its best. 

  • Stop adding heat to your hair: It’s better for many of us to go all-natural. You can easily stop using heat on your hair. Instead, use as many natural treatments as you can. 
  • Give a break from ponytails: Pulling your hair up every day can put unnecessary strain on your hair. Try wearing your hair down more often, rocking lower and looser ponytails, and using softer hair ties that won’t pinch.
  • Apply natural oil on your scalp: It ensures that moisture is retained, the beautiful shine is added, and ends are protected. Massaging the scalp once a week allows rejuvenation and follicle stimulation.

Also, take proper diet and drink plenty of water. It helps you gain stronger and shinier hair along with better skin. 

Amazing Benefits Of Curry Leaves For Your Hair

Curry leaves are rich sources of beta-carotene and proteins, which can reduce hair loss and increase hair growth. They also contain amino acids and antioxidants which strengthen the hair follicles and moisturize the scalp. Curry leaves also help remove the dead hair follicles, which can be the reason behind dandruff. Below are some benefits that you should know

  • Promotes Hair Growth: Curry leaves help in speeding up hair growth by restoring the health of your scalp. You can make a paste with fresh curry leaves, amla, and methi leaves. Apply this paste all over your scalp, and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Repair Hair Damage: Curry leaves can help in repair hair damage. Mix curry leaves paste with olive oil and aloe vera. Gently massage it on the scalp and apply it to the lengths of the hair.
  • Reduces Hair Fall And Thinning: Curry leaves are a rich source of beta-carotene and proteins, which can reduce hair loss and increase hair growth. You can make a paste with curry leaves, hibiscus petals, and coconut oil. Apply this paste all over your scalp, and leave it for  30 minutes.

Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants moisturize the scalp, and also remove dead hair follicles. It neutralizes the free radicals and keeps your hair healthy and strong. Notice the changes!. 

Hair Hygiene: Here Are The Important Things You Should Know

The hair follicles from which the hair grows, produce oil from the sebaceous glands. This is what keeps your hair smooth. The scalp also has numerous sweat glands and is a surface for the accumulation of dead skin cells. The oil, sweat and dead cells all add together and can make the hair greasy and look dirty unless you wash it regularly.

Poor hair hygiene could cause dandruff and skin infections. For the uninitiated, dandruff is dead skin on the scalp that comes off in tiny flakes when sebaceous glands produce too much oil and accumulates on the scalp. Fortunately, there are some ways in which you can keep your hair clean.

  • Use clean water to wash your hair regularly (at least twice weekly, preferably once every other day) with body soap or shampoo, whichever is available.
  • Massage your scalp well. This will remove dead skin cells, excess oil and dirt.
  • Rinse well with clear water.
  • Conditioner is helpful if you have longer hair as it makes the hair smoother and easier to comb.
  • Use a wide toothed comb for wet hair as it is easier to pull through.
  • Dry the hair and the head with a clean towel. Never share a towel with someone else.
  • Comb the hair to look beautiful for the day.

Following these could do wonders for your hair and keep it clean to an extent.

How To Brush Your Hair Properly: Here are some tips

There is a bit more nuance to brushing your hair than going straight at it with the hairbrush or comb of your choice every morning. After all, knots and tangles are a major cause of hair breakage. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Detangle in the shower: Detangle your hair in the shower with a wide-toothed comb while there’s conditioner in it. This is when your hair is soft and malleable, thus making it easier and less painful to detangle it.
  • Use a boar bristle brush or wide-toothed comb: If you have been using a round brush or metal brush to detangle your hair, you need to stop right away. These brushes are meant to be used when you are blow-drying your hair. For everyday use, opt for a boar bristle brush, wide-toothed comb, or stagger toothed comb to remove the knots and tangles from your hair.
  • Detangle from the ends to the scalp: You may not know this, but detangling your hair from the roots to the ends can create more knots and ultimately lead to more breakage. The correct way to go about it is to start a few inches above the ends and brush downwards, slowly working your way up to the scalp.

Try these tips and see the results for yourselves.

How can you keep your hair clean without washing it regularly?

If you are in a rush and you don’t have time to shower, and you still want your hair to look clean and shiny. Then here are a few tricks you can try for those mornings when hair washing is out of the question. Here is what you should do.

  • Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo is definitely one of the main ways to prolong a regular shampoo. It can be used if you have a naturally greasy scalp, or if you are a person who just can’t function without washing your hair daily. Hold the bottle at least six inches away from your hair and spray. Give your hair one to two days rest from dry shampoo.
  • Shower Cap: If you’re not washing your hair, put on a shower cap when showering. It helps to keep your hair dry. It also helps to prevent heat, humidity and water droplets from getting into your hair, which may make it look frizzier.
  • Baby Powder: Sprinkle baby powder on your hands and then run it all through your hair. Pay special attention to the roots, the jawline and underneath. It will make it instantly look and smell fresher. It will also soak up the grease and make it look newly washed. 

Washing your hair too much can actually encourage more oil production from the hair, leading it to get greasier faster. You can try out these tips for clean, grease-free hair in between washes.

3 Homemade Hair Masks that you should try

Some might be delicious enough to eat but the rest are just downright smelly! But the great thing is that you’ll easily find all of the ingredients in your pantry. Below are some homemade hair masks that you can try.

  • Egg, curd and mustard oil – If you’ve got hay-like dry hair then here’s the answer to all of your problems. Eggs are rich in vitamin A, B12, D and E, fatty acids and protein. The protein helps strengthen the roots, the fatty acids make it a natural hair conditioner and B12 helps add volume.
  • Avocado and peppermint oil – Also referred to as the butter pear, avocados are creamy, rich and the only fruit that combines the protein of meat, fat of butter, vitamins and minerals of green vegetables and a nutty flavor. Mash some avocado, add a drop or two of peppermint oil and apply this mask on your hair. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash off.
  • Olive oil, coconut oil and egg – Suggested by Bella Fitness blog, this one’s the ultimate mask for speedy hair growth. Warm 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, let it cool, add one or two eggs and two tablespoons of olive oil and apply.

Try these and see the difference yourself.